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5KVA Transformer 2 Outlet

  • 2nd most popular transformer used by tradesmen in Ireland.
  • Should be the first as it usually provides enough power for all trades, especially carpenters.
  • Reason it’s not bought more regularly is due to its weight and cost against a 3kv.
  • Please note though, that if you have tools with large motors or electronic motors approx. 1500watts or over then this is probably the most suitable transformer for you and it could prevent power starvation on your power tools which is a common reason for certain tools (especially those with larger motors) supplying low power or sometimes no power.
  • Maximum you can use off these is 4,000watts and it’s less if the tools have electronic motors or you’re using extension leads.
  • For safe and portable use on electrical power tools on outdoor job sites.
  • Capable of converting standard 230V 50Hz power to an output of 110V2m cable and 13A plug.
  • Duty cycle 10min on/10min off.
  • 3300kVA – 2 outlets.
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